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Beyond Violet with the Emperor Scorpion – opening Friday, February 21, 6 – 9pm


Organized by Gretchen L. Wagner and the Des Lee Gallery.

The human eye can only detect a fraction of the spectrum of light, and much of the world’s visual information remains hidden without augmented manipulation. Above the ROYGBIV array exists the higher frequency wavelengths including the ultraviolet field. These rays are emitted at all times, but are only revealed with the aid of an outside influence, such as a blacklight.  Geological specimens, insects, and many substances from the natural realm are among those items which exhibit such luminescent properties.  They are among numerous examples of how the world continually escapes what one can detect unassisted, but once revealed, provides copious amounts of information theretofore unavailable.

Are there hidden aspects of your practice that you have never brought to light?  Are their dark corners of your studio where unseen things lurk?  Things you created which possess qualities you know are special, yet you have held them close over the days, weeks, and years for only your eyes to see?  This exhibition provides opportunity to bring them out to show their colors before an audience and spark discussion.  Maybe you will discover potent and illuminating characteristics you never recognized previously.  Local alumni, current faculty, graduate and undergraduate students are all invited to submit and join this conversation, and show what, up until now, has been shadowed by your primary interests.

Exhibition Opening at Des Lee Gallery

Friday, February 21, 6 – 9pm

Exhibition on View:

February 21 – March 22.  Normal gallery hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1-6pm.