Uncanny, Michael Powell & Chris Thorson

February 26, 2016March 25, 2016
Opening reception, Friday, February 26, 6-8p
Des Lee Gallery, 1627 Washington Ave

Featured arists Michael Powell and Chris Thorson explore the idea of recognition, both of physical objects and of photographic images–each challenging the integrity of perception and notions of the real.

In his series Couplets, Powel treats single frames of film as lines of poetry. Each couplet is comprised of two iterations of imagery exhibited together; small light boxes show each of the 35mm film pairs accompanied by looping video of the two frames oscillating at 24 frames per second. As the two images flicker, rather than combine into a single image or remain distinctly separate, they coalesce unevenly, vying for visual dominance.

Thorson creates trompe l’oeil sculptures of banal objects–plastic bags, remote controls, and pieces of chewed gum. Her works are made from silk, Hydrocal, pigments, and hand-made dyes. Whle the form of these sculptures speaks to a culture of convenience and disposability, their materials embody a slower and more intimate relationship to the natural world.

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