Parabola 2017: Frankenstein

Parabola 2017-Frankenstein

December 1, 2017
Des Lee Gallery, 1627 Washington Ave.

The Des Lee Gallery presents Parabola 2017: Frankenstein, an exhibition that will encourage cross-disciplinary investigations relating to the various issues raised in the book. How does Frankenstein relate to the idea of the “other” in sociological contexts? What are the book’s influences on popular culture, art, and medicine? How does the “year without a winter” that is referenced in the novel relate to climate change and environmental issues?

The opening reception will take place from 6-9p December 1, with additional gallery hours from 1-6p December 2.

This exhibition is curated by MFA students Taylor Yocom and Jacopo Mazzoni, and Des Lee Gallery director Brandon Anschultz. It is made possible through the generous support of WashU’s Graduate Professional Council, the Sam Fox School, the Graduate School of Art, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and the Des Lee Gallery.

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