Dove in the Bunker: 2023 BFA in Studio Art Senior Capstone Exhibition

On View: April 21-May 14, 2023
Reception: Friday, April 21; 5-7 pm


Thursday-Saturday, 12-5 pm & Sunday, May 14, 12-5 pm

Featured Artists

Hezin An
Gracie Buyers
Shaelee Comettant
Levi Gentry
Jackson Hescock
David Luo
Will Masters
Alex McLaughlin
Ciel Miao
Mik Patrik
Terry Rim
Jack Henry Whetstone
Naomi Yu

Future woman from alternate earth. Image courtesy Hezin An

The Buoyancy Show

Buoyancy occurs when an interaction between a body and its surroundings reveals the power of a medium to exert an upward force on a solid object.  Unlike gravity, which focuses our attention on the falling rock or grounded mass, buoyancy requires a shift in our perspective that embraces the larger field. When the buoyant object floats in motion, it displaces its surroundings, tracing invisible systems and behaving as if imbued with independent will. 

The artists in this exhibition give shape to this invisible force. They point to it, reflect it, encircle it. They wield it as a tool for upending the weight of postcolonial thought, expanding perception from segmented objects to a more inclusive field of interdependencies, where potential lies in the tendency to move fluidly and be fluidly moved.

On View: April 22-May 6, 2023
Reception: Saturday, April 22; 4-7 pm


Sunday April 23 / Saturday April 29 / and Sunday April 30 12-6pm
By appointment email

Featured Artists

Mary Kate Charles
Alice Foppiani
Maddy Kish
Shiyeon Ku
Meg LaFollette
Haley Levin
Ben Levine
Serena Li
Becky Moon
Rachel Park
Reagan Pendergast
Dvora Redlich
Charlie Shaw