Student projects upcoming at the Des Lee Gallery.

Instead of hosting in-person exhibitions this Fall semester, we’re transitioning into a laboratory-model of gallery use. I am inviting proposals from currently registered Graduate Students in Visual Arts and Illustration and Visual Culture. These will be 1-2 week periods of time where the students can use our space for larger-scale projects and experiments, both singular and in collaboration. We also hope to utilize the gallery’s window display box on Washington Avenue. I hope to post some of these projects in the coming weeks as well as debuting an online-only exhibition, drawing from our deep roster of folks who have shown in the gallery along with alumni and current students. Please check back for updates!

Brandon Anschultz, Des Lee Gallery Director

Website overhaul in progress.

While the gallery is currently closed to the public, I am taking this time to add years of exhibition images.  The gallery has hosted many fantastic shows since it’s founding in 1999, and my goal is to present all of the documentation and information that I can.

This archive will serve as a backdrop to upcoming online exhibitions and projects.  We are currently planning for on-site activity that will be presented here and across other Sam Fox School platforms.

More information forthcoming.  Meanwhile, enjoy looking back thru this evolving archive.  It is a work in progress, and many of the past show’s will be updated more thoughtfully with the names of participants and other additional information.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Brandon Anschultz, Des Lee Gallery Director