Uncanny, Michael Powell & Chris Thorson

February 26, 2016March 25, 2016
Opening reception, Friday, February 26, 6-8p
Des Lee Gallery, 1627 Washington Ave

Featured arists Michael Powell and Chris Thorson explore the idea of recognition, both of physical objects and of photographic images–each challenging the integrity of perception and notions of the real.

In his series Couplets, Powel treats single frames of film as lines of poetry. Each couplet is comprised of two iterations of imagery exhibited together; small light boxes show each of the 35mm film pairs accompanied by looping video of the two frames oscillating at 24 frames per second. As the two images flicker, rather than combine into a single image or remain distinctly separate, they coalesce unevenly, vying for visual dominance.

Thorson creates trompe l’oeil sculptures of banal objects–plastic bags, remote controls, and pieces of chewed gum. Her works are made from silk, Hydrocal, pigments, and hand-made dyes. Whle the form of these sculptures speaks to a culture of convenience and disposability, their materials embody a slower and more intimate relationship to the natural world.

Gallery hours are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 1-6p, and by appointment.


Join us Friday, January 22 from 5-7p for the opening reception of SINCERELY, STONE & DEGUIRE.

This exhibition runs from January 22 – February 20, 2016.

Gallery hours will be Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 1-6p and by appointment.




StoneDeGuire Invitation


Parabola 2015: Fractured/Self

Opening Reception Friday, December 4, from 6-9p

additional gallery hours:  Saturday, December 5 from 1-6p

Guns In The Hands of Artists

Guns In The Hands of Artists

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September, 16, 5-8p

On View: September 16 – November 21, 2015.   Gallery hours will be Wednesday – Saturday, 1-6p and by appointment.

More information and images coming soon.





Friday, March 20, 2015      Failure and the Artist, (graduate program symposium) opening 7-10p
Friday, March 27, 2015      BFA Exhibition*
Thursday, April 2, 2015     BFA Exhibition*
Friday, April 10, 2015        BFA Exhibition*
Friday, April 17, 2015        MFA First Year Exhibition
Friday, April 24, 2015       MFA First Year Exhibition

Openings, 6-9p.
Gallery hours following each exhibition are Saturdays from 1-6p

*this year’s BFA shows are interdisciplinary.

Final days for TALK FOR AN HOUR

Friday and Saturday (March 6 & 7) are the final days to see TALK FOR AN HOUR, Shira Berkowitz and Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, at the Des Lee Gallery.  Hours on both days are from 1-6p.

Both artists will be at the gallery from 2-3 on Saturday for conversation about this really fantastic show.  We’ll have cocoa and cookies to warm up the cold day.

Talk for an Hour – Shira Berkowitz & Kristin Fleischmann Brewer


On its surface, the work of Shira Berkowtiz and Kristin Fleischmann Brewer is very different. Berkowitz creates sound and video pieces, pulling from various sources, both personal and from nature. Often minimal in approach, the results of these quiet explorations can be both calm and jarring: “solitude which might be a lovely thought, and the eerie places our minds wander when there’s quiet but not peacefulness”. Fleischmann Brewer’s work is based in painting but often takes form in sculpture, pursuing ambiguity between the physicality of the material and examining differences connecting abstraction and representation: “finding meaning through a dynamic cycle of production which includes formal strategies and a process of construction and deconstruction.” Through-lines between both artists work are speed (tempo), form (gravity), menace and delight. The resulting exhibition finds its cohesion where pacing and strategy both overlap and are at odds.


February 6 – March 7, 2015

Opening reception: Friday, February 6, 2015 from 6-9p.


Additional hours for this exhibition will be Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays from 1-6p.


Des Lee Gallery

1627 Washington Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63103